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Skin health is the foundation on which everything else is built. Apart from being our largest organ, the skin provides a barrier function protecting our organs from the outside world. It prevents water loss, controls heat loss and so much more. The skin on our face and neck is exposed to the elements the most, thus requiring more attention.

Just like the rest of our body, it responds well to the care we show it. However, without a thought-out plan, commitment to a basic skin care regime and an objective analysis tool, results can be hard to gauge.


Dr Dilly believes that cosmetic injectables should be used to naturally enhance facial features giving patients a fresher look, not making them look unrecognizable.

Just as patients who come to him inquiring about smile makeovers, Dr Dilly is keen to understand a patient’s motivation for wanting cosmetic injectables. He sees this as the most critical part of the consultation process.


Dr Dilly works closely with you to design your bespoke smile. The veneers or crowns (or combination of both) are then made on site using our CEREC computer restoration system, which is the latest in dental technology.

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Clarity cosmetic stocks the Aspect Dr range (winner of the Best Professional Skincare Range 2016) which is an Australian owned company.

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