The Power of 3
Knowledge. Science. Art

Have a detailed understanding of facial and neck anatomy

Understand the precise science behind achieving a balanced and harmonious beauty enhancement result

Have an artistic eye.


As a dentist of almost 20 years, Dr Dilly not only has an in depth understanding of facial and neck and anatomy, he has also undertaken specific practical training in the delivery of cosmetic injectables with the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics in Australia.

Dr Dilly is very familiar with the principle and application of Phi (golden proportion) to tooth and smile design and has natural artistic flair for achieving well balanced and in proportion smiles and cosmetic facial enhancement. As Phi (golden proportion) is a universal system of balance and harmony it can therefore be used as a reliable, methodical, mathematical and logical approach to facial assessment and enhancement. When making assessments and facial enhancement treatment planning, Dr Dilly uses his Phi calipers (pronounced Fy Cal-e-pers), which is a measuring device uses the golden proportion principle of 1:1.618

Dr Dilly believes that cosmetic injectables should for used to naturally enhance facial features giving patients a fresher look, not making them look unrecognisable. Just as patients who come to him enquiring about smile makeovers, Dr Dilly is keen to understand a patient’s motivation and for wanting cosmetic injectables. He sees this as the most critical part of the consultation process.

What is important when considering anything cosmetic is to understand the reason why you want to change or enhance your appearance. Cosmetically, Anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers are used to enhance appearance by either smoothing out wrinkles or adding volume to lips, cheekbones or reducing the appearance of marionette lines or naso-labial folds and so forth. These treatments cannot and do not help you to love the person you are already. Dr Dilly is a firm believer in this philosophy, he says, “these treatments should only be used to enhance who you already are, expecting them to do otherwise would only lead to disappointment”. Most of Dr Dilly’s patients are looking for just enhancement.

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