Skin Health Treatment

"Your skin is an investment, not an expense."

Skin health is the foundation on which everything else is built. Apart from being our largest organ, the skin provides a barrier function protecting our organs from the outside world. It prevents water loss, controls heat loss and so much more. The skin on our face and neck is exposed to the elements the most, thus requiring more attention.

Just like the rest of our body, it responds well to the care we show it. However, without a thought-out plan, commitment to a basic skincare regime and an objective analysis tool, results can be hard to gauge.

VISIA® 7th Generation Skin Analysis

Are your treatments and skincare products working for you?

VISIA® Skin Analysis takes the guess work out. It photographs your skin, providing in-depth data. Learn about your skins condition in terms of pore size, ageing concerns, UV sun damage and much more.

Visia® helps you to know objectively, how your skin and facial treatments are working via a rescan at 3 monthly intervals and records the data for tracking your results.


Facial, Redefined

Hydrafacial® uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate skin while infusing highly-effective serums tailored to your specific skin needs. Hydrafacial® can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve acne, congested pores and uneven skin tones. Suitable for all skin types. No downtime. See and feel the difference after just 1 treatment.

Rejuvenation Peels

Peel your way to a rejuvenated you!

Professional peels (also known as chemical peels) are the application of exfoliating agents (for example, Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic peels) to obtain disruption of the skin’s outer barrier. This is then followed by skin rejuvenation and improvement in the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, diffusing redness, vascularity and more.

Lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance existing in our body, is the base level peel for anyone starting their treatment at our clinic. Lactic peels have been utilised since the days of Cleopatra who applied sour milk containing lactic acid to her skin making her among the first to appreciate the benefits of chemical peels.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Stimulating your natural healing

In a nutshell, collagen induction therapy, also known as micro-needling, works by creating tiny wounds all over the face, to kick-start your collagen production. Numbing cream is applied prior to treatment making the process as comfortable as possible.

This procedure helps with the reduction of acne scarring, fine lines, pore size, improved pigmentation and more.

No wiser words can sum up the importance of team work to achieving your skin health goals. These treatments require you to follow simple skincare regime at home to be effective.

The ongoing basic regime consists of cleansing, moisturising and sunscreen. However, for those looking to enjoy the benefits of Chemical Peels or Micro needling a process called skin priming or skin preparation needs to take place. This requires the use of active ingredients. Products containing Vitamin A, Niacinamide (Vit B), Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid all come under this umbrella of active ingredients and can be found in mos high-quality cosmeceutical skincare products, like Aspect Dr. This range is available at our clinic.

Crow’s Feet

When you’re fed up of looking like a black bird stepped on your face!

The term crow’s feet refers to the lines found at the corner of the eyes. An anti-wrinkle injectable is strategically placed to reduce the appearance of these fine lines.

Gummy Smile

When you show more than you want to!

Gummy smile is the colloquial term used when a person is showing too much gum when smiling. This can be corrected quickly and easily with injectables being placed in key places.


When the caveman look is not an option!

The treatment of lines across the forehead are always done in conjunction with frown lines as treating that area in isolation would result in the eyebrows drooping, giving a caveman appearance, unless that’s the look you are hoping to achieve!

Lip Enhancement

For times when bigger is better!

Done right, lip enhancement is used to create better definition, add natural looking volume and even help to reduce the appearance of upper lip aging lines (sometimes referred to as smokers’ lines). As these treatments are only carried out by our experienced principal dentist Dr. Dilly, he’s able to inject local anaesthetic to the area prior to filler being injected so that the procedure is more comfortable.

Cheek Enhancement

For clarity purposes, we are referring to the cheeks on your face!

Over time you use loose volume in the midfacial region, resulting in the downward slide of the skin creating a more visible nasolabial fold. Using the principles of golden proportion, dermal filler is strategically placed in the cheek area providing an upward lift whilst simultaneously reducing the appearance of the nasolabial folds.

Tear Trough

When you realise the bags you’ve been carrying around, aren’t Gucci and Prada!

Most commonly referred to as the dark circles (or bags) under the eyes. This hollow appearance starts from the medial canthus of the eye and can extend laterally all the way to the cheek. A specific dermal filler used exclusively for the under-eye area (containing antioxidants and minerals that help in rehydrating and volumising the area) is incrementally injected over 2-3 visits (but may vary from patient to patient) due to the fragility of the skin in this region.

Nefertiti Facelift (aka Liquid facelift)

When you want to feel like an Egyptian Queen!

There is a muscle in the neck called the Platysma, which pulls the facial tissues down. A Nefertiti facelift is used to counter this effect by placing the injectable treatment around the jawline, relaxing the muscles so that it is no longer pulling the facial muscle down. The Nefertiti lift is named after the Egyptian Queen.

Chin Enhancement

A time when you’ve decided to take it on the chin!

As we age, the lower facial height is lost and the soft tissue contours in this area start to deteriorate. Dr Dilly uses dermal filler to provide better chin definition.

Micro-needling for Skin Rejuvenation and Acne Scarring

When you’re ripe for pricking!

Micro-needling works by stimulating the skin to produce collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and youthful.

Before treatment, numbing cream is applied. The needles used in the procedure are medical grade stainless steel needles. These are passed across the skin creating thousands of micro channels, without heat, which stimulates collagen and elastin production.

It can also be used for mild to moderate acne scarring.

Frown Lines or “Angry Mummy”

Frown lines can be described as facial wrinkles associated with frowning (at kids, partner or traffic!) that cause a crease in between the eyebrows. Injectables are placed to minimise their appearance. *We cannot guarantee the cause of your frowning will resolve as we have no control over them!

Bruxism - Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, which can often occur following awkward family gatherings!

Discomfort associated with teeth grinding that tends to occur at night, which leads to pain in the Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and muscles associated with chewing. Anti-wrinkle injectable is placed in the masseter muscles and at times in the temporalis muscles providing symptomatic relief.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Everyone needs a lift sometime! For some that’s spiritual for others it’s physical. This is aimed at the others!

Also known as PDO Thread Lift. PDO stands for Polydioxanone and this refers to the material used to make the threads used in the lifting procedure. Thread Lift treatment is a non-surgical procedure which can be used when an individual experiences ‘sagging’ skin on their face and neck. PDO thread lift works by physically pulling the facial tissues back into a better position via the use of the medically developed soft threads being placed into the skin tissue to hold it in place to achieve the desired lift effect. As this procedure is carried out by our experienced Dentist who will initially anaesthetises the area with topical anaesthetic, followed by local anaesthetic, so that this procedure is as painless as possible.

Once the procedure is completed the body will also start to generate new bundles of collagen surrounding the threads, producing firmer and younger looking skin. Long lasting results (2-3 years) can be achieved quickly without any visible scars, and will continue to improve as the threads dissolve. This non-surgical facelift procedure works best in combination with other facial injectables to achieve optimum results. For instance, combining a Thread lift with a Cheek Enhancement and a Nefertiti Lift.

Smile Makeover in a Day

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose.” – Tom Wilson

Often taken for granted if you have a confident smile. What happens if you don’t?

Smile makeovers are by far the most rewarding treatment we offer. Whilst the actual smile makeover treatment occurs in a day, there is often a journey a client has undertaken to ensure a good oral health foundation has been established.

For optimum results, oral hygiene has to be great and there can be no decay present in the mouth, only then, will Dr Dilly proceed with a Smile Makeover. He compares this to building a house, which he says, ‘would not last if built on a poor foundation. Your mouth is no different! Doing otherwise would be a disservice to our clients.

Dr Dilly works closely with you to design your bespoke smile. The veneers or crowns (or combination of both) are then made on site using our CEREC computer restoration system, which is the latest in dental technology.

Uses extend to replacing discoloured teeth, straighten crooked teeth, eliminating gaps and much more.

Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches can occur when there is fear of a coffee shortage!

This involves strategically placing anti-wrinkle injectables in specific areas around the facial region aiding the relief of the symptoms of chronic headache.

Facial Fat Reduction

All those in favour say “I”... “I”

The facial fat reduction injection permanently dissolves stubborn double chin fat resulting in a contoured neck and jawline. The compound in the injection can also be used in the cheeks.

Ageing, genetics and weight gain all contribute to the dreaded double chin, which can be very difficult to shift with exercise and dieting alone. Fat dissolving injections are great for nearly all men and women who have mild to moderate ‘submental’ fat (a double chin) and wish to have it reduced gradually without invasive surgery and with minimal downtime.

To achieve desired results, 4-6 treatments are recommended, which occur approximately 6 weeks apart. Please note the number of treatments may vary between individuals.

**Please note that with all treatments, patient results will vary, and although we endeavour to create the best possible result, some clients will achieve a slightly better result than others.**